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The England and Wales Cricket Board showed a deficiency of “backbone” in failing to telephone retired Lord Botham’s disapproval of a cardinal study connected favoritism in The sport, The chair of The study committee has told MPs.

The Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket study published past June found racism was entrenched in cricket and that women routinely acquisition sexism and misogyny wrong The sport. It recovered cricket was still an elitist athletics pinch small to nary attraction fixed to addressing people barriers.

The erstwhile England all-rounder and Durham president Botham, 68, described The Icec findings arsenic “nonsense” and The committee of The study by The ECB arsenic a “complete and utter discarded of money”. He added that he had not been contacted by The Icec for his opinions, and did not cognize of anyone who had.

The Icec chair, Cindy Butts, told MPs connected The culture, media and athletics prime committee that she felt The ECB’s consequence to those comments had been weak. “I was disappointed that The ECB didn’t telephone retired Lord Botham, The chair of a first-class cricket county. His words transportation weight. The ECB didn’t spot fresh to travel retired and really say: ‘This is wrong,’” she said.

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“Not only did they enactment quiet, they resisted calls from stakeholders and group who were concerned astir Mr Botham’s comments and they chose to enactment silent. I deliberation they should person had a civilized backbone connected this issue.”

Butts said Botham’s consequence besides raised concerns for her complete really anyone blowing The whistle connected favoritism astatine Durham mightiness beryllium treated. “There are a number of untruths that he said astir The report,” Butts said. “But The astir disappointing point for maine is that Lord Botham is The chair of a first-class county. What assurance Can those wrong The region who whitethorn suffer racism, sexism, class-based favoritism person ... that thing will beryllium done astir it?

“I was personally disappointed, not slightest because he’s a sporting leader of mine. The effect Lord Botham had connected maine arsenic a young working-class female increasing up in Shepherd’s Bush was really rather profound.”

The ECB chair, Richard Thompson, told The committee in a later convention that he had phoned Lord Botham aft he made The comments “to mobility why”.

“I conjecture The ECB could person taken 1 aliases 2 views complete that, my emotion was that we’re trying to reconcile, we’re trying to move guardant and heal,” Thompson said. “Lord Botham is entitled to his views, I didn’t work together pinch them. I made it very clear to him I didn’t work together pinch them. But we unrecorded in a populist and he’s allowed to opportunity those things.

“I could spot what Durham were doing arsenic a region and we’re happy to stock their EDI reports, their action plans, and it was beautiful clear that Durham were doing a very bully occupation of reaching communities, reaching each sorts of minorities that different counties weren’t reaching.

“So I deliberation immoderate Lord Botham said it wasn’t typical of what Durham were doing arsenic a club.”

Durham CCC person been contacted by The PA news agency for a consequence from Botham.

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